College Speakers and Trainers

Delivering Student Learning Outcomes in Campus Activities Programming.

  • Chris Collins

    Chris Collins talks to students and student leaders about balancing duties and expectations; displaying powerful, effective and balanced leadership; mastering the challenges of change and transition; and using critical thinking skills in a culturally diverse world – and he does so in a powerful way!

    Chris Collins
  • Dave ‘Gonzo’ Kelly

    Dave Kelly, America's Student Leadership Trainer™, is the leading authority on Student Leadership and Community Service on college campuses today. As a professional trainer, motivator, and servant leader, Dave is an expert on all aspects of running and leading campus organizations and developing the character of a servant leader.

    Dave ‘Gonzo’ Kelly
  • Dave Farrow

    As a teenager, two-time Guinness World Record Holder for Greatest Memory, Dave Farrow was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia and faced great personal learning challenges. Today, teaches thousands of others to develop their innate memory skills through his results-driven learning techniques.

    Dave Farrow
  • Dayna Steele

    ★  Achieve Rock Star Success with Rock Star Principles!★ Dayna Steele helps raise the level of success on your campus with her proven Rock Star Principles – by sharing with your students what it REALLY takes to be a leader in school, business and life.

    Dayna Steele
  • Felicia Harlow

    Felicia Harlow’s passion is personal growth from the inside out and living a life of infinite possibilities while supporting others to do the same. Students leave her workshops feeling inspired, embraced, celebrated, and activated to pursue life with passion, purpose, and fulfillment.

    Felicia Harlow
  • Herb Ammons

    Life Skills Speaker, Herb Ammons uses purposeful storytelling to teach students the "12 Secrets to a Happy Life". He helps them identify positive behaviors to deal with the everyday challenges of life. His message focuses on developing and unleashing their own set of skills for making better day-to-day life choices.

    Herb Ammons
  • Kevin D. Johnson

    Kevin D. Johnson uses his best-selling book, The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs, to teach students the forward-thinking entrepreneurial concepts that will allow them to start building a business or a career NOW along with their academic work and extracurricular activities!

    Kevin D. Johnson


Stay in H.A.R.M.’s Way™: The Keys to Powerful, Effective, and Balanced Leadership
Stay in H.A.R.M.’s Way™: The Keys to Powerful, Effective, and Balanced Leadership

the H.A.R.M. Leadership Model which empowers students with practical and immediately applicable tools to be HUMAN and ACCOUNTABLE as a ROLE MODEL and MENTOR (H.A.R.M.)


Building Leaders Through Service®
Dave Kelly - Building Leaders Through Service

“Real leaders don’t ask… ‘What’s in it for me?'” they ask… ‘How can I serve you?'” This program is designed to instill a life-long commitment to community service involvement, servant leadership, service learning, and personal development. Here’s help to start a simple community service program, Day of Service or Month of Service that can be implemented by any organization and affect the entire campus community.


The Entrepreneur Mind
The Entrepreneur Mind

Dynamic speaker, author, and entrepreneur Kevin D. Johnson started his million-dollar company while in college and it’s still going strong. His message of ‘think like an entrepreneur’ is perfect for this year’s grads or the fall’s incoming students.


Happy College Relationships
Happy College Relationships

A perfect program for the coming fall orientation because college is a time when you develop powerful and often life-long relationships that can impact your life in a positive or negative way.


Heart-Centered-Relaxation 101: A Meditation Primer for Stress Management During College
Heart-Centered-Relaxation 101: A Meditation Primer for Stress Management During College

This program focuses on relaxation and concentration – the foundational ingredients of inner peace, stress management, and emotional fulfillment.


Study Smarter, Better Memory Workshop
Dave Farrow - Ultimate Student Survival Guide

Just in time for finals or to get students off on the right foot in the Fall Semester. More than just a rote memory program, this program shares a brain-based system for memory, focus and speed learning developed by a Memory Expert.


Heart-Centered Emotional Resilience 101 for Student Leaders
Felicia Harlow - IAM-U Graduation Reflections

A poll of more than 2,200 college students across 40 colleges and universities showed that “low energy levels, sleep problems, and appetite issues are among the most commonly experienced symptoms that can indicate emotional health problems.” Time management helps but energy management is critical for your success and sanity. Leaders learn how to balance busy-ness with downtime so that they grow in their leadership roles.


The Code™: 10 Things EVERY College Student Needs to Know About Handling Change and Transition
Chris Collins - Student Leaders

Whether it’s a freshman new to campus, a transfer from a Community College or 2 yr. institution, or a senior on the way out, The Code™ prepares students to navigate periods of transition and quickly adapt to change.


The Rock Star Interview: Talk Show Format
Dayna Steele, The Rock Star Interview - IN CONCERT!!!

“Every campus community has its Rock Stars – from the Dean of the school to favorite professors to student leaders to the worker everyone loves in the campus cafeteria. I want to help your students get to know your campus rock stars with a Rock Star Interview!” — Dayna


Happy College Life
Herb Ammons - College Keynote Speaker

This Life Skills Keynote is perfect for incoming students. Its powerful message helps students adjust to the mental stress and eliminate the homesickness often experienced by college students.


The Soundtrack: An Examination of Diversity Through the Culture of Urban Music
Chris Collins - Headshot - Casual Billboard

Urban music and its cultural derivatives are the most commonly used tools in marketing and advertising in every multimedia outlet and this program has your students singing, dancing, and discovering the socioeconomic significance of the culture of urban music.


Campus Organization Leadership Training℠
Dave 'Gonzo' Kelly - Campus Organization Leadership Training (COLT)

Essential, Comprehensive and Customizable. The COLT Program is everything Student Leaders need in one place to RUN BETTER ORGANIZATIONS. Customize the definitive program for your student leaders one-time or year-after-year. Build your own annual training to consist of everything from a 1-hour keynote to a 2-day retreat. #RunBetterOrgs


Landing Your First Job by Thinking with an Entrepreneur Mind
Landing Your First Job by Thinking with an Entrepreneur Mind

Today’s college graduates often need real-world skills and strategies that aren’t necessarily taught in a classroom. This program teaches students a new way to compete and thrive during challenging times.


Find Your Inner Rock Star and Build Your Stage For Success
Dayna Steele - Achieve Rock Star Success!

Dayna Steele visits your campus to motivate you students to success with her ‘Rock Star Principles of Success” learned from and hanging out with the world’s greatest performers.