About ProSpeakersBureau.com


When you call Pro Speakers Bureau to inquire about booking one of the college speakers  or college speaker series on this site I’m the person you’ll be talking to. However, you should be warned that I am not a salesman and I’m not interested in being one. I’ve been referred to as an agent, representative, booking partner and a few things I can’t mention. But what I am is a communicator of helpful ideas and empowering information.

To turn a phrase, “This is not your grandfather’s speakers’ bureau.” You won’t find hundreds or even dozens of speakers here, but a few hand selected people I’ve chosen to work with because they share my passion for empowering through information.

The college speakers represented here are not just looking to “Make $100,000 Speaking on the College Market” as so many workshops would have you believe. They each have a contribution to make to the academic and personal success of today’s college students – your students and your classmates.

Their goal is to not just SPEAK on your campus, but to communicate and share information that will supplement a college education and empower students to greater academic, professional and personal heights. We share your student success goals in many ways. It’s not just about bringing home the paycheck. It’s about making a difference.

Most, if not all of these communicators share their expertise with you at our college blog. We know that what we share in the blog and as a college guest speaker on your campus can and will impact your students and allow them to be self-empowered.

Because it’s not just what we do – It’s who we are. Besides… “If I wanted to work with people I didn’t like, I’d get a job!”