Heart Healthy Relationships 101

Felicia Harlow - Healthy Relationships 101

Heart Healthy Relationships 101 is a program designed to empower students to enter all relationships with four key elements: integrity, faith, respect, and accountability.

Healthy relationships start with a focus on sacred self-care and well-being. That’s the philosophy of Self-Care Specialist, Felicia Harlow. In Heart Healthy Relationships 101, Felicia focuses on:

  • Self compassion
  • Well being: the alignment of positive feelings, thoughts, choices and behaviors
  • Perception: the differences between core beliefs and core values
  • The tri-dimensional nature of relationships
  • The true meaning of relationships and how to recognize the signs of an unhealthy one
  • The foundational ingredients of healthy dating and friendships – self care, self empowerment, self knowledge, self love, support
  • Questions to ask yourself about healthy and unhealthy relationships

This program enhances educational experiences by teaching authentic self expression within relationships. Audiences will learn how heart-centered health attracts healthy relationships, come to understand how balanced living contributes to healthy relationships and walk away with quick and easy self care techniques for healthy living in college. Felicia takes her own self-care centered “Growth in Motion!!™” approach to create a foundational understanding of what a healthy relationship is and is not. Your students will come away feeling healthy, balanced and empowered.


Students will be able to…

  1. Identify 4 foundational ingredients of heart healthy relationships and create a plan to leverage them
  2. Recognize negative influences in their relationships
  3. Identify their own relationship values
  4. Identify how to handle conflict in their relationships
  5. Leave with a list of guidelines for healthy relationships to use daily

This program is delivered as a CAMPUS KEYNOTE or more intimate WORKSHOP and is perfect for:

  • A heart-centered approach to Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Bringing inspiration and energy to your Women’s Programs, Sorority Programs
  • Highlighting your Life Skills Programs
  • Taking your Wellness Programs, Nursing and Healthcare Programs to the next level
  • Students who are seeking Life Balance
  • Programs that build community such as Student – Parent Workshops

Program Duration/Format: 90 minutes or less – Felicia customizes each and every speech for each campus to reach the desired results for your students.

VIDEO – “Healthy Relationships 101″

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About Felicia Harlow

Felicia is an expert in emotional and energetic heart consciousness and self directed life coaching. Felicia helps students, young adults and women’s groups make the connection between what they want to “do” in life and how they want to “be” in life – all through the awesome power of the heart/mind/body connection! People leave her workshops feeling inspired, embraced, celebrated, and activated to pursue life with passion, purpose, and fulfillment.